We Open Doors

Keepsake: something kept or given to be kept as a memento.
Memento: something that serves to remind

Making an attractive, high-quality key is only part of Keypsake’s mission. Keypsake also connects people with memories—and communities. Keypsakes from your favorite universities and sports teams will remind you of good times, fond memories, the spirit of collegiate and professional competition—and your connection to the communities of cheering fans, alumni and friends who share your love for your schools and teams. Keypsake will further connect you to communities, as a portion of our proceeds will be directed to nonprofit organizations serving communities in need.

Chris Ryan, founder of Keypsake, attended the University of Notre Dame. Initially content to be counted among Fighting Irish fans, Chris found that as his college years continued, his desire to contribute grew stronger. At 5' 7", Chris knew the road to becoming Notre Dame’s quarterback would be rough, saying nothing about his inability to throw a football. So he decided to do the next best thing. He became Notre Dame’s mascot, the Leprechaun. Okay, maybe not the next best thing, but what is a 5'7" guy to do?

As the Leprechaun, Chris brought good cheer and luck to the Fighting Irish on the football field, basketball court, and baseball diamond. Chris began to find that his role as the Leprechaun extended beyond Notre Dame sports, as he received requests to appear at local community events. Chris embraced opportunities for involvement, supporting causes as varied as drug-use-prevention, health promotion, reading and education, for example.

Chris received the letter below after a football game at Giants Stadium. This letter demonstrates that one person can make an impact, sometimes without even realizing it—an idea that is at the heart of Keypsake’s mission. Let's make a difference!

Keypsake will donate a percentage of its proceeds to nonprofit organizations. Each time you open a door using your Keypsakes, please be reminded that your purchases have created a positive impact, helping to open the door to opportunities for less fortunate individuals and communities. Together, let's open some doors!

Thank you!